Call for Contributions to the AG Public Anthropology Blog

We are looking for anthropologically informed, evocative storytelling from the diverse fields of work we do (public engagement/ teaching/ research/ writing/ illustrating/ filmmaking among others)

and/or precise argumentation with illustrative examples related to a topic of public/political interest.

We follow a transparent review process. No blinding of author or reviewer information is involved.

Submit a text and/or audio/visual contribution to:

Nasima Selim ; Judith Albrecht ; Jasmin Mahazi

A. Guidelines for text contributions:

1.     Contribute a brief bilingual/multilingual text (main version in English, second versions in any other language). Please note that it must be brief (500-1000 words max., excluding bibliography).

2.     Insert a short, evocative title (12-15 words max., preferably no subtitles) and add 1-2 images related to the main argument.

3.     Use clear language free of complicated jargon that nobody understands or cares about. These contributions should aim for wider public readership (author/s responsible for the final proofreading).

4.     Keep a consistent structure and style of in-text citation and referencing (irrespective of the style you follow); Avoid unnecessary italicization, quotation marks, and notes.

5.     Mention date, location, and source for quote and image with additional copyright information for each image specifying the permission to use.

 B. Guidelines for images and audiovisual contributions:

6.     Submit max. 5 images (photographs, illustrations etc.) with 1-sentence caption for each image, date, location, source, and copyright information

7.     Submit max. 5 minutes of video materials with English subtitles, a brief title, and description (250 words max.)

8.   Submit max. 10 minutes of audio materials with a brief title and description (250 words max.)

C. For both textual and audio/visual contributions:

9. Submit your “Contributor Profile” (with an image, if possible), affiliation, contact email address, and social media/profile link (40 words max. including contact information).

10. Add (if applicable) an “Acknowledgments” section mentioning sources, funding, people, organizations, etc. (40 words max.).