The AG Public Anthropology works at the interface of science, knowledge transfer, socio-political commitment, and creative inspiration. Our Blogsite will serve as a platform for anthropologically informed works in addition to scientific texts. On our Blogsite, we plan to publish articles, essays, statements, poems, photo projects, film projects, podcasts, soundscapes, graphic novels, illustrations, and much more. 

With these publications, we wish to primarily arouse public interest in the complexity of current events as well as the historical intertwinements of the contemporary. Anthropological works can contribute a lot to the understanding of social realities and diverse contexts. Themes that social anthropologists deal with, therefore, need to be made accessible to a broader public, and the complexities made comprehensible across various formats. 

We hope that anthropologists and representatives of other disciplines and lifeworlds will meet at this interface and that new projects will emerge from these connections. 

Texts should not be longer than 500-1000 words (excluding bibliography). 

Short podcasts and audiovisual contributions can be submitted.

Detailed guidelines for texts and audio/visual submissions here

If you have any other forms of contribution in mind, please feel free to contact us, and decisions will be made for each project in consultation with the authors/contributors. 

We are delighted to bring an interested public together on this platform!

Send us an email: Nasima Selim Judith Albrecht

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