#LifeBeyondCorona Talks

Podcast of the Working Group Public Anthropology of the German Anthropological Association

Here we publish a series of recorded conversations/podcasts to discuss 

,,Public Anthropology in Corona-Zeiten. Was tun wir (nicht)?“ 

Public Anthropology in Corona Times: What are We (not) Doing?

Illustration Alvaro Martinez

The Pandemic Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) has triggered an overwhelming sense of urgency and global responses. We share this sense of urgency with the public (of which we are an integral part) and invite them to exchange ideas around the following questions and raise others:

  1. How do we respond to the pandemic as anthropologists, artists, activists, and writers without mimicking the medial performance of letting one issue rise above others?
  2. What are we missing out due to an overwhelming sense of urgency? What are we (not) talking about?
  3. How can we not allow the pandemic to let disappear other urgent issues that require sustained attention?
  • How can we keep the intersectional nature of anthropological observation-action and simultaneously respond to the pandemic?

Please join us and raise your critical voice as a public anthropologist or a member of the public interested in anthropological insights todiscuss life in and beyond the time of Corona, reflecting on the role of public anthropology in corona times.

AG Public Anthropology Launches #LifeBeyondCorona Talks

Episode 1

Migration, Multilinguality, and Fragile Solidarity in the European “Corona Crisis” (17th April 2020)

Guests: Katrin Kremmel & Franziska ReiffenWorking Group Migration, German Anthropological Association

Moderation: Nasima Selim & Judith Albrecht

AG Public Anthropology #LifeBeyondCorona Talks

Episode 2

Public Anthropology in Corona Times: What are We (not) Doing? (5th June 2020)

Guest: Antonio de Lauri, Editor-in-Chief of the Journal Public Anthropologist, co-director of the Norwegian Centre for Humanitarian Studies and co-convenor of the Anthropology of Humanitarianism Network (AHN) of the European Association of Social Anthropologists (EASA). 

Moderation: Nasima Selim & Judith Albrecht